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Blondes europe

blondes europe

Is there a reason you're only concerned with the women? The men are part of the population, too. I spent a summer in northern Norway, and only saw one blond, plus the twins in the family I was staying with. Most Norwegians have brown hair. The blonds in Norway and Sweden tend to be concentrated in a. According to this map – and if you really believe that blondes have less brains –a nasty fall like that is more likely to happen in the central parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, where at least 80% of the population is fair-haired, the highest figure in all of Europe. This map, indicating the varying degrees of. It depends if you refer to real blonde or bleached / coloured hair. •The highest percentages of fair-haired people can be found around the Baltic Sea (e.g. Denmark, the Polish coast and the Baltic states), making it in effect an almost entirely b.

: Blondes europe

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blondes europe

Blondes europe -

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