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Periscope curves

periscope curves

An analysis of periscope antenna systems with curved reflectors, widely used in military and civilian microwave radio-relay communications. A design criterion for optimum curvature is developed that permits performance equal to or exceeding that of c. 20 Oct We wanted to include Kaplan-Meier survival curves in some of our executive dashboards, but neither our database (Redshift) nor any of our commonly used dashboarding tools (Tableau, Periscope, etc.) provided the necessary functionality. We could, of course, have pulled data out of the warehouse. 12 May Precision-Recall curves and ROC curves are frequently used to measure algorithm performance in machine learning and diagnostic healthcare. We can use these tools to measure the predictive accuracy of a model given that the model uses 'binary classification'. Tasks with binary classification can be.

Periscope curves -

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